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Thursday, November 27, 2008

No comment

Am vorbit despre lectia de marketing politic data de echipa lui Obama, uitati si o lectie de "mare clasa" din politica nu merg la vot...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Found very interesting Romanian site

This is the new Suie Paparude site, very funky approach done by some pretty cool guys from Atelier105.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Found great tag cloud source - me happy :-)

Obama vs. McCain on www

Second day after the US elections...from Sprint Nextel's site

Obama and Climate Change vs. Terrorism

I will start by saying
2. Congratulations Obama, don't let any of us down... A whole world has voted for you, so the hopes are the highest.

Speaking of the whole world, now, that the elections are over and we have infos on the main issues on a global scale - just take a look at the Top Issues for each Country - the CLIMATE CHANGE is a perceived danger far bigger than TERRORISM or IRAQ WAR...

For those interested in qualitavite research

Here is a very interesting series of posts on qualitative research started by Katie Harris, qualitative research director at Zebra.
Basically, she announces a set of posts with the purpose to clarify issues on qual research from what the characteristics of this type of research are to the implications of qualitative research on social seems to be quite interesting...

Stay tuned for more on this subject :)


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dacia mai tare ca BMW vezi si sa nu crezi... cel putin asa indica unul din zecile de widget-uri de pe site-ul celor de la Sprint Nextel din cadrul noii lor campanie de comunicare. Am scris despre asta aici.

Uitati si dovada :))


Romanians vs US Elections

Now, that the elections are on in the US, nobody is really expecting any surprise and Obama's crew is preparing to open the champagne bottles...

I already wrote a post on this very interesting site, but now I would like to reopen the subject, this time with an emphasis on Romania, the (small) number of virtual voters and their main areas of interest that, as far as I'm concern it is a quite relevant list...

It seems that we are an Obama country :)) - we're aligned with the rest of the world on this one...

The site can show statistics for each country and in Romania the numbers are like this...

Let's take a closer look:

The male respondents between 25 and 40 y.o. seems to be the most interested of the subject...

As for Top issues, for 90% of the 192 of the respondents are:
1. Economy
2. Health care
3. Civil liberties
4. Education
5. Energy policy
6. Climate change
7. Terrorists
8. Iraq War

Romanie, ia aminte!!!

Acum, mai mult ca niciodata avem nevoie de astfel de campanii si in Romania!!!
Video via blogul lui Mihnea Miculescu

Big mistake or disruptive outdoor panel

Yesterday, at the Stefan cel Mare metro station , in Bucharest, I've seen this:

A reversed outdoor panel...

It might be a mistake - because even the words were up side down - but is surely caught my eye...

So, one way or another, this disruptive outdoor did his job very well

How to do an efficient&involving election campaign

This is really involving, I think that this is a campaign that really makes you value the worth of your vote...made by the Obama's superprofessional marketing staff

Here in Romania, we are approaching Parliament election and I think that something like this with the message "go to vote" is more than necessary...