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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Romanians vs US Elections

Now, that the elections are on in the US, nobody is really expecting any surprise and Obama's crew is preparing to open the champagne bottles...

I already wrote a post on this very interesting site, but now I would like to reopen the subject, this time with an emphasis on Romania, the (small) number of virtual voters and their main areas of interest that, as far as I'm concern it is a quite relevant list...

It seems that we are an Obama country :)) - we're aligned with the rest of the world on this one...

The site can show statistics for each country and in Romania the numbers are like this...

Let's take a closer look:

The male respondents between 25 and 40 y.o. seems to be the most interested of the subject...

As for Top issues, for 90% of the 192 of the respondents are:
1. Economy
2. Health care
3. Civil liberties
4. Education
5. Energy policy
6. Climate change
7. Terrorists
8. Iraq War

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