Intr-un fel sau altul, toti purtam ochelari

Monday, April 6, 2009

Gary Moore

Perhaps some of you know this minor key, explosive and vivid guitar player who for more than twenty something years makes that Gibson Les Paule (I think) guitar cry and weep in blues rythm...

I just recommend listen to this passionate and extrovert guitarist.

Listen here its "Still got the Blues" masterpiece.

This is that kind of song that no matter how old, it just sticks to least is what happened to me more tham 7 years ago... That guitar solo is just amazing and the vibe of the song overhelming.

This second song "Parisian Walkways", well, is hard to descrbe the emotional charge that contains, especially when listened in a mild lightened environment enjoying a good glass of wine and a smoke...

If don't have the "logistics" for the previous scenario, just close your eyes, rise the speaker/headphone volume and enjoy 6 minutes of relaxation.


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